Services for community employers

Indianapolis-area businesses and organizations, as well as statewide employers, have an opportunity to recruit and to retain talented students pursuing degrees at the IU Indianapolis campus. Your partnership is critical to leverage and to enhance students’ skills being developed in the classroom as well as to retain talented employees in Indiana. The IU Indianapolis Office of Student Employment serves as your partner through facilitating:

  • Free online job postings visible to nearly 30,000 students
  • Personal assistance to market your opportunities
  • On-campus recruitment designed to fit your needs
  • Opportunities to engage students in learning opportunities

Businesses and organizations can get started today by posting positions to our online job board powered by Handshake and by contacting a student employment consultant at or (317) 274-0857.

Planning and budgeting

  • Guidance on timelines and deadlines affecting student employment at IU Indianapolis, including recommended recruitment and hiring time frames and dates related to employing students with a work-study award
  • Wage-setting recommendations to ensure compliance with federal regulations and to appropriately compensate students based on levels of responsibility

Creating academically relevant positions

  • Direction for designing student positions at an appropriate level to meet departmental needs and to create a challenging and valuable college work experience for students
  • Coaching to craft a detailed and accurate position description to capture responsibilities and to highlight transferable skills gained in the role
  • Review of and feedback on new or existing student employee position descriptions

Recruiting and hiring

  • Guidance on developing a job posting to attract high-quality student candidates
  • Support in marketing your positions to the IU Indianapolis student body through the online job posting system, social media outlets, recruiting events, and direct coordination with our existing student services and programs
  • Strategies for screening application materials to select quality interview candidates
  • Interview structure planning and guidance and assistance in selecting the most qualified student candidates
  • Navigation through the process of hiring IU Indianapolis student employees, including students with a work-study award

Orienting and training

  • Recommendations for developing a comprehensive orientation experience for new student employees, including timelines, topics, and leveraging existing resources
  • Guidance to ensure training and professional development activities are rooted in the student employee experience, including compliance with IU policies and procedures and training/professional development on soft skills

Supervising and engaging

  • Coaching for supervisors on best practices, approaches, and techniques for supervising student employees
  • Guidance for understanding and remaining in compliance with IU policies and procedures related to employing students
  • Strategies for recognizing, engaging, and appreciating student employees and their contributions to departments
  • Recommendations for off-boarding student employees leaving their positions, including termination and separation processing

Managing student employee performance

  • Coaching to address and to mediate situational student employee performance and conduct issues
  • Recommendations for designing, customizing, and implementing student employee performance management processes and tools, including evaluations and conversation tips to highlight enhanced academic and professional growth
  • Referrals to campus resources to address student employee performance and employee relations concerns