Partnerships with the Office of Student Employment

The Office of Student Employment relies on partnerships with employers in our community to keep students engaged and connected with the value of part-time work. We take pride in building partnerships with employers who care about providing students with valuable work experience as much as we do.

Employers who partner with our office are the first to know about upcoming events and programs. In addition, our partners love interacting with students in any way they can, even outside of recruiting events.

What we value in our partners

We especially love partnering with employers who:

  • Have great growth and development stories to share
  • Worked while attending college
  • Are comfortable sharing their own employment experiences
  • Have impactful work or internship opportunities for students
  • Love helping students learn and grow
  • Enjoy educating students on career readiness
  • Are alumni
  • Value the importance of visibility on campus

Partnership opportunities

Our largest event, the Part-Time Job Fair, is open to any employer recruiting for part-time work. However, there are many opportunities to get involved throughout the year that are not advertised publicly, such as:

  • Making class presentations
  • Getting involved in career readiness and preparation events
  • Participating in events during National Student Employment Appreciation Week
  • Networking and doing mock interviews

How to get started

Partnering with us is free and easy! Please fill out our partnership form to provide more information about how you would like to partner with our office and how we can best meet your recruiting needs. Based on your needs, we will reach out to you about upcoming events and opportunities to get involved.

Partnership form

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