About Us

Office of Student Employment


The vision of the Office of Student Employment is to become a nationally recognized leader in the innovation and promotion of student employment best practices and services.


The mission of the Office of Student Employment is to support the Division of Undergraduate Education by empowering students to pursue and to succeed in meaningful, academically relevant college work experiences that enhance both academic and professional growth.

CreatingCampus dialogue and understanding of synergy between academics and collegiate work experiences.

EstablishingAnd maintaining best practices and expectations for student employment programs.

ProvidingProfessional development opportunities through services and programming.

ConnectingStudents and employers in mutually beneficial work experiences.


The Office of Student Employment furthers the university’s strategic plan to promote undergraduate student learning and success by:

  • Increasing the number of students working on campus
  • Promoting awareness of off-campus collegiate work opportunities
  • Enhancing student professional development and job preparedness
  • Increasing the quality of student employment supervision
  • Fostering integration of student learning though engaging and academically relevant college work experiences
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